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Gluefast Label Pro 5.5E Label Gluer
Gluefast Label Pro 5.5H Manual Label Gluer
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Gluefast Label Pro 5.5E Label Gluer
Gluefast Label Pro 5.5E Electric Label Gluer
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The Label Pro® 5.5, which is known as the world's most compact label gluer. Whether for pallet labeling, package labeling, or product labeling, Gluefast's Label Pro® 5.5 can glue any size label up to 5.5" wide (14 cm) quickly and neatly. Enhance the productivity of your labeling process with the Label Pro® 5.5.


Fast, neat, compact, and trouble-free, the Label Pro® 5.5 is available in manual or electric models. The manual model starts when the operator places the label in position and pushes a black rubber feed roller to run the label through the equipment, whereas, the electric model starts automatically when the operator feeds the label into the gluer. The electric Label Pro® 5.5 is available with a 120- or 220-volt motor. The motor typically stops one second after the label exits to reduce wear and tear as well as increase the pot life of the adhesive.

The standard Label-Pro® applies a corduroy pattern of glue to the back of the label resulting in double the number of labels glued per gallon versus a solid glue pattern. A corduroy pattern of adhesive is applied across the entire label, reducing adhesive consumption by up to 50%. Generally, the Label Pro® 5.5 Label Gluer is most efficient for short to medium run labeling jobs and exceptionally great for applying glue to labels for application to cartons, cans or bottles.


  • Thin film with no glue oozing from the edge of the label.
  • Ideal for short runs and special jobs.
  • Portability.

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